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In our "Things To Do" and "Popular Attractions" sections we provide lists and details of the myriad of things to do while visiting the Bay Area. We do our best to estimate the amount of time one might spend visiting an attraction but of course, they are only estimates. We also list the days and hours of operation.

With this information, coupled with your calendar for your visit, we can help you to fill in your schedule to make the best use of your time while visiting the San Francisco Bay Area. Of course vacations aren't about efficient scheduling, and we don't recommend trying to race through a daily agenda. However, it doesn't hurt to have a plan of what to do day-to-day while visiting.

We recommend making a list of the things you would like to do while visiting, note the time needed, the days and hours of operation. Then simply go down your list and pick out the things that you could do on each day of your visit and try to pick the right number of activities to occupy the time you have on each day. Don't forget to leave time for relaxation, meals and changes in your plans.

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