Dining in the Bay Area

San Francisco is truly a paradise for people who enjoy fine dining. In its 47 square miles, the city has 3,300 restaurants. That is more than 70 restaurants per square mile. Couple that with the delicious choices throughout the greater bay area and a person could spend more than two decades trying a new restaurant every day.

If you prefer vegetarian fare, well then, this is the place to be. Most restaurants offer at least a reasonable vegetarian menu. However, you are in for a culinary treat because numerous restaurants here take great pride in their vegetarian menus and offer some fantastic dishes. The French Market is, in my humble opinion, the best restaurant in the country and they offer an eleven course vegetarian meal that is unsurpassed. Another 5 star restaurant is just across the bay, Alice Waters serves up delicious vegetarian selections at her famous Chez Panisse. We are assembling a list of vegetarian restaurants and will publish it soon.

We are in the process of developing a data base to help you find restaurants by theme, rating, location and budget. Please check back soon for this feature.