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Offbeat Attractions

Castro Theater

This grand, old style movie palace is one of few remaining in America. Aside from its Americana charm the theater is known for their film revivals and preshow concerts on the Wurlizter organ. The Castro Theater is located at 429 Castro Street.

Drumming in the Park

Each Sunday people gather in Golden Gate Park for a drumming circle. It is strangely satisfying to beat on a drum, however, it is strictly BYOD (bring your own drum). Even if you don't have a drum (who remembers to bring everything on a vacation?) the rhythm can really draw you in; it's enjoyable to just sit and listen.

Musicians, dancers and onlookers gather where Haight Street ends at the park. From there, take the path through the pedestrian underpass to the meadow where the group gathers. Alternatively, just walk toward the booming sound.

Mitchell's Ice Cream

Where else could you find avocado ice cream? While that may not be to your liking, Mango is what put them on the map. Mitchell's Ice Cream is noted for their use of uncommon fruits from around the world. Of course they have all your favorites too. Lines go out the door and down the block on hot days. Locals love Mitchell's and so will you. Located at 688 San Jose Avenue on the corner of 29th Ave in the Mission district. Open daily 11 am to 11 pm. Find more information here.

Wave Organ

A series of tubes protude oddly from the waters of the bay. Place your ear near the tubes and experience a strange symphony. A fun activity for children and its free.

Located at the end of the breakwater past the Marina yacht clubs. It is best experienced at high tide. Follow this link to find the timing of high tides.

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