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The Best Ice Cream We Have Tasted

Mitchell's Ice Cream

We here at SF Travel Guide are real fans of ice cream and we are lucky enough to have found the best ice cream this side of Italy, right in our own backyard. Like Italian Gelato, Mitchell's ice cream has intense flavor, it is rich, velvety smooth and creamy. We here all agree, this is the best ice cream we have tasted.

The fruit flavors come through like eating a piece of fresh, ripe fruit. The chocolate is pure chocolate heaven. Mitchell's signature flavor is mango, and we loved it. If you are interested in a little adventure, why not try one of Mitchell's less conventional fruit flavors like Ube (purple yam), lychee or avocado?

Mitchell's ice cream is located in the Mission district at 688 San Jose Avenue, at the corner of 29th. Go inside and take a number. Expect a crowd, this place is popular amongst locals and you will often find a line outside. Open daily 11 am to 11 pm. Find more information here at Mitchell's web site.

Just so you know, we have not been paid for this review. It is entirely based upon our love of good ice cream. However, if Mitchell's were to offer us a free cone, we wouldn't say no.

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