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Lombard Street - The Crookedest Street in America

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Lombard Street became the crookedest street in America when engineers needed a way to cope with the steep 40 degree slope. The hill was too steep for a straight run and so the one block stretch was built with 8 hairpin switchbacks. Those famous curves add nearly 30% to its length.

Situated in the toni Russian Hill neighborhood, Lombard street is a popular drive. Each switchback is planted with beautifully maintained gardens of colorful flowers. The steep hills provide a nice view of the city below. However, long traffic back-ups can occur and walking may be a better option.You can get there on the Hyde/Powell cable car line and be dropped off right at the top of Lombard. You can walk down to the bottom and from there, walk six blocks north to Fisherman's Wharf or walk back up to catch the cable car.

While the view from the top of Lombard is beautiful, a lovely photo can be taken from the bottom shooting up the street.

Incidentally, the steepest street in San Francisco, without curves, is Filbert Street, two streets south of Lombard, also between Hyde and Leavenworth. It has a 31 degree slope, definitely a challenge for walking and downright dangerous for roller skates.

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