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Freeway Driving in the Bay Area

Highway 101 runs north and south through the Bay Area. It passes through San Jose north along the Peninsula, through San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge and north to Oregon. Hwy is a busy freeway with stop and go traffic during commute hours. It serves most cities along the Peninsula corridor.

Highway 880 changes from Hwy 17 in San Jose near its hwy 101 crossing. Hwy 880 roughly parallels hwy 101 along the East Bay side of the Bay Area. Hwy 880 terminates in Oakland and becomes Hwy 80 northbound.

Hwy 80 Starts at hwy 101 in San Francisco, crosses the bay via the Bay Bridge to Oakland where it veers northward.

Highway 280 is a beautiful freeway that joins Hwy 101 near San Francisco and travels south, roughly parallel to hwy 101 along the peninsula. It connects again with hwy 101 in San Jose.

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