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Bus Service

Each county has its own bus service and there are nine counties surrounding the San Francisco Bay area. While some of the bus service overlaps and some terminals are shared, the overall coordination between each county's bus service is poor. If you will be traveling within a county, existing service may be adequate. However, bay area residents often complain that buses don't run frequently enough.

If you will be using bus service, you should determine which routes serve the area you will be visiting. While route maps and schedules and sometimes posted at bus stops, you should obtain your route maps in advance. Route maps are available on-line, can be ordered from the county bus service or can be found at various convenience locations such as supermarkets and visitor bureaus.

Most of the bus lines offer weekly or monthly passes at reduced rates. Otherwise fares typically range between $1 to $3. When changing buses, you may need to obtain a transfer ticket. If you have a question about which route to take or where and how to transfer to another route, feel free to ask the driver, most drivers are helpful.

Here are links to the five nearby transit districts you are most likely to use.

San Francisco Municipal Railway San Mateo County Transit Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority

Alameda - Contra Costa Transit Marin County Transit

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